The Empaths empowerment journal

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The Empaths empowerment journal

Let each page be an opportunity to grow more empowered as an empath. 

The Empath's Empowerment Journal is a playful resourse for enhancing your self-care and developing your gifts of sensitivity, intuition, creativity and compassion. It is your safe place to be you. This beautiful journal of personal exploration will delight the senses of sesitive people. Inside you'll find spacious pages for your own writing, punctuated with inspirational statements and prescriptive exercises to help you deal gracefully with sensory overload, tap into the power of the seasons and celestial cycles, and fine-tune your daily routein to create a nourishing life. You'll also find practical tools for protecting vital energy releasing stress and emotions you've picked up from others, tapping into the spiritual forces that rejuvenate you, and honouring your body's wisdom. May this journal help you embody your empathic gifts more deeply and joyously. May it provide a refuge to connect to yourself and explore what it means to have healthy relationships. Make this journal your own. Be raw. Be truthful. Have fun. 

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