Raw Azurite & Malachite

Raw Azurite & Malachite

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Please Note: As this is raw Malachite it is toxic! So please keep away from pets and children and wash hands after handling. 

Approx Weight: 290g

Approx Width: 80mm

Approx Depth: 100mm

Approx Height: 45mm


Azurite is an excellent crystal to use when working on your third eye chakra. If you are wanting to develop your clairvoyance or psychic gifts, then this is said to be the perfect stone for that. When meditating with this stone it can seem all too real though, so it is important to keep yourself well-grounded while working with it.  Azurite is also said to be good for relieving the stresses that the day can bring and calm the anxiety in you. This stone may support you in tough decisions you need to make, especially when making ones involving emotion or spirituality. It is good to keep this on you in a time where you need level headedness.


It is said that Malachite stimulates clear thinking and controlled emotion which helps you get through the changes in your life. It is believed that it may help heal you physically and emotionally removing anything making you feel weak or toxic. Malachite is also known to have great visionary powers that can effectively ward off negative events from happening. It will keep you safe and protect against accidents.