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Pokémon carving (Jigglypuff)

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Pokémon carving (Jigglypuff)

Approx Weight: 169g

Approx Height:  54mm

Approx Width: 52mm

Approx Depth: 46mm

White Jade is known to be a very powerful, positive stone of white light. It is said to make you feel calmer and more peaceful when you have this stone, it is most known for its ability to purify the energies of your heart chakra. It is said to easy the mind, so challenges don’t seem so daunting to face any longer.  This stone is known to not only work on the heart chakra but can connect to others, so you are able and more willing to connect to the higher realm and receive more messages from your spirit guides. It may also help you in living a more spiritual and enlightened life, by connecting to      your soul’s energy.

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