North American Turquoise earrings - Sterling silver

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North American Turquoise earrings - Sterling silver

Weight is with both earings together

Approx Weight: 2g

Approx stone width: 9mm

Approx stone length: 12mm

Turquoise is known to be a stone of purification. Eliminating negativity from your life and atmosphere. It may help you open your heart and clear your thoughts, allowing you to have more “stress-free” days. This stone is said to  be great if you suffer with physical and emotional exhaustion as it may give you the energy boost your needing to get through the day, which also may help if you are suffering with depression. This stone promotes self-realisation and may help you not only realise what your wanting in life but also achieve it. It is a stone of truth, pride and integrity and may teach you how to live your life by those values.

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