Large Chalcopyrite & Bornite (A.K.A Peacock Ore)

Large Chalcopyrite & Bornite (A.K.A Peacock Ore)

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Approx weight: 96mm

Approx height: 31mm

Approx depth: 39mm

Approx width: 40mm

A.K.A Peacock Ore

This stone is also known as the “stone of mystic”. This is because of its ability to open your crown chakra so that you are able to receive messages more freely. It is said that it will help develop and strengthen your inner vision while also grounding and stabilizing you, helping you remain balanced in a chaotic life. Chalcopyrite is also said to remove all blockages that are holding you back from accepting love and loving others. It is said to cleanse your mind and heart of the negativities holding you back from sharing a life with someone.