Iolite Tumbles

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Iolite Tumbles
Approx weight: 8g
Approx height: 10mm
Approx depth: 25mm
Approx width: 10mm

please note sizing is done on an average and can vary from piece to piece

Stone of Vision

This is a great stone to use to help still an overactive mind and calm down your emotions. It is a strong spiritual stone used in spiritual healing and psychic activities. It can help you to unlock your spiritual talents and help you reach your spirit guides. Iolite is great for clearing your thoughts and helping you to understand why things happen the way they do. When going through tough situations Iolite is a good stone to use to empower you into making the best decision. Iolite is said to help you improve your memory and enhance your creativity.

(each sold seperatly)

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