Green Beryl Tumbles

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Green Beryl Tumbles

Approx Weight: 6g

Approx Height: 20mm

Approx Depth: 13mm

Approx Width: 15mm

As each piece is genuine crystal, each piece is unique and may appear different than the provided image.

Beryl is said to be a stone of heaing and letting go...

Beryl is believed to teach you how to deal with daily stresses that you may currently not be coping with. It may also help you heal from the emotional pain that you may be holding onto and is holding you back from your true potential. 

Beryl may give you the courage to figure out your next step and the confidence to go for it! It may also filter out all the parts in your life that are distracting you from your goals, so that you can acheive all that you put your mind too, but at the same time stop you from overthinking and overinvesting so that if there are delays it doesnt throw you off track. (remember everything happens for a reason)

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