Flint Tumbles

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Flint Tumbles

Approx Weight:17g

Approx Height: 25mm

Approx Depth: 20mm

Approx Width: 20mm

As each piece is genuine crystal, each piece is unique and may appear different than the provided image.

“Stone of Divine Inspiration & Manifestation”

Flint is an incredibly spiritual stone, and will assist you into manifesting your deepest desires. It is a stone of amazing powers that can bring the highest spiritual frequencies down to the earth plane through your manifestation.

Although it is a hugely spiritual stone it is also a very good stone for grounding you. It will help to bring your mind back down to the physical body. This will allow you to deal with your problems more head on and give you the power you need to be able to deal with those problems. Those who suffer with having your "head in the clouds" will benefit greatly from this stone.It also facilitates a two-way energy flow – from the earth up into the physical body and auric field.

(Each sold seperatley)

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