Epidote Tumbles

Epidote Tumbles

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Approx Weight: 17g

Approx Height: 25mm

Approx Depth: 15mm

Approx Width: 20mm

As each piece is genuine crystal, each piece is unique and may appear different than the provided image.

Epidote is a must have stone if you want to experience good things in your life. Some believe It will show you how to bring about good things and teach you how to appreciate them. It will fill your life and dreams with inspiration so that living the same way is no longer satisfying! Epidote will help you to look at yourself so that you can see and change the things in your life that are no longer healthy for you. Epidote is also a stone of attraction, this means that if you are a loving, kind and generous person you will bring about more loving, kindness and generosity into your life.

Price is for 1 tumble only.