Crystal star

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Crystal star

Approx weight: 10g

Approx height: 29mm

Approx depth: 21mm

Approx width:  30mm

Picasso Jasper is known to be an incredibly nurturing stone, giving you the strength to get through difficult situations, keeping you grounded and calm so you are able to face the situation head on instead of pretending its not happening. It is a protective stone, which will keep you safe from the negativity entering your auric field causing you harm. This stone teaches us that life is short and is there to be lived, go out have fun, while also still being safe and protected. At the same time Picasso Jasper also teaches self-discipline, so you are not procrastinating reaching what is important to you.

Picture Jasper is a protective and nurturing stone that will bring you comfort when you are feeling down. It will enhance your creativity and boost your visualization skills. With this stone whatever you put your mind to you will find easier to achieve. It is perfect for artistic people who are having trouble finding inspiration. Picture Jasper will bring energies of connection and comfort. It will bring a positive influence to your home and bring relaxation, composure, security and stability into your life.

This stone is said to promote harmony, that does not sacrifice innocence for experience or vice versa. It will help you understand that being joyful doesn’t have to sacrifice growth and success. This is a stone that will help you through moments when you have no idea how to help yourself. It will aid you in the difficult decision-making processes that make you feel trapped. If you are looking to balance out your relationship or find a well-balanced relationship, then this is the stone that you want in your life.

This stone is a calming stone which also protects from negativity. It helps to alleviate fear and enhances creativity and expression. It enhances communication allowing you to reach out to others. It is an uplifting stone which can aid in fighting depression and restoring hope, happiness and peace. Blue quartz can provide mental clarity which aids concentration. It is a good stone if you are learning something new as it helps to retain information. Quartz is good for emotional healing and alleviating anger.

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