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Crystal Lollies/Candies
Crystal Lollies/Candies
Crystal Lollies/Candies
Crystal Lollies/Candies
Crystal Lollies/Candies
Crystal Lollies/Candies
Crystal Lollies/Candies
Crystal Lollies/Candies
Crystal Lollies/Candies
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Crystal Lollies/Candies


Each crystal differs slightly from these measurements 

Approx Weight: 35g

Approx Height: 21mm

Approx Depth: 27mm

Approx Width: 56mm

As each crystal is Genuine they will differ slightly from the ones pictured

Kambaba Jasper

Stone of peace and tranquillity

It is believed that Kambaba Jasper will provide you with comfort, protection, relaxation, balance, and restoration. It may help to ground and align you. This stone is said to have a cleansing effect releasing any negative energy in your aura allowing you to let go of any negative thoughts and feelings. It may also promote deep and restorative sleep, helping you to feel more refreshed when you wake. Kambaba may strengthen your core, boosting your endurance, strength and patience.


Llanite is believed to help healers in seeing where problems may have arisen in the body. It is a stone that helps to achieve a state of grace. It promotes co-operation between people and turns a negative outlook into a positive one, allowing solutions to be found. It helps us to see what we want to achieve and then make plans to take the necessary steps to get what we want. It helps you to stop saying yes to everything and everyone just because you don’t want to let someone down.

Kiwi Jasper

Kiwi Jasper is believed to help in many ways including balancing and aligning your physical, emotion and spiritual sides. It is also said to balance out all your chakras. By balancing out all sides of yourself this may help you in times of stress to become calmer and more relaxed in your day to day life. This stone is said to bring in more uplifting energies to your life, helping those who suffer with addictive or compulsive behaviour. Kiwi Jasper absorbs negative energies allowing more positive energies to enter your auric field.


Rhodonite exudes a strong soothing energy that restores physical and emotional strength when it is depleted. It has also been known to strengthen the immune system and healing inflammation, physical burns or irritations. (not to be used instead of medical attention) It is a wonderful stone to use when processing emotional pain. It will give you the strength to truly analyse the situation you are facing so you can overcome it easier. It will also help you to achieve balance and harmony in your life.

Chevron Amethyst

Chevron Amethyst is an excellent stone for working with the third eye and stimulating the chakra. It can help to enhance your intuition and is a powerful stone for dissipating and repelling negativity. It can also help to cleanse the aura. This is said to be a great stone for those struggling with any form of addiction. It is said that when placed under the foot of the bed while you sleep it can help to take the need away, so you no longer feel like you want to do that addiction any longer. It is perfect for mediation due to its calming effect on you.


Poets Stone

This stone is known as an effective stone to stop arguments as it is said to help you express all the things you want to say in the best way possible. With this stone you can expect to have increased intelligence and rationality. It stimulates your thoughts and gives you mental clarity. Sodalite is a stone that symbolizes knowledge and communication


Jasper crystals are believed to be incredibly grounding and nurturing stone, that may help to calm you in times of stress. It may help increase your confidence and help you release the fears that are holding you back. If you are feeling overworked and burnt out in what you are doing than Jasper is the stone you need, as it is said to bring peaceful, loving, and relaxing energies. It may also help you in balancing out all areas of your life, so you do not find yourself in this position of feeling burnt out again.  It may also bring you protection from the negativity that may be around you


Larvikite is known for its protective and grounding properties. This stone may help remove negative toxins from both the physical and auric atmosphere. If you struggle with concentration this stone is the perfect stone to have. It can assist in removing unnecessary thoughts allowing you to focus on the task at hand. It is also known for helping you to remember your dreams more vividly, so you are able to interpret the messages of your subconscious mind more clearly. It can also help you to read between the lines when interpreting what people are trying to say.