Agate slice necklace

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Agate slice necklace
Agate slice necklace

Approx Weight: 17g

Approx Length: 55mm

Approx Depth: 5mm

Approx Width: 27mm

sizes vary

please note: each piece is different and you may not get the one pictured

The energies of agate are said to help calm, elevate and uplift you. Even if you have had a crazy day this stone will help to calm you and bring inner peace to relax. Agate will make sure that you have positivity flowing through you at all times, to help you stay uplifted and positive in what you are doing. Agate will work as a sense of support and encouragement especially when it comes to work and your career. It is a stone that will fill you with joy, gladness and optimism. It will encourage you to do some self-examination on how happy you are in current situations.

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