The uses of different shaped crystals.

by Ashley Ledgerwood on July 07, 2021

Hey guys I had someone approach me, wanting to know what some of the different shapes of crystals are used for. I’m going to touch on the common ones as there are so many out there.

Now some of this post is going to be my opinion and you may not agree, and that’s totally fine. When it comes to crystals and what you believe is up to you. No one can tell you right from wrong when it comes to spirituality. So, if you have a different view from mine then that’s awesome, let me know in the comments id love to hear your opinion and what you use them for, but keep it friendly as we are all individuals and if we all thought the same, then we would be pretty boring now wouldn’t we 😉

The difference between raw and tumbled:

Some of you have said to me “for some reason I like raw more I don’t know why but tumbled doesn’t do it for me” I personally am the other way; I prefer tumbled over raw.

I have always said to people everyone is different, there is no right or wrong way on what you should be into. But in saying that, there is also a reason that you may be more drawn to one rather than the other. The energy that emits from raw/natural is more sporadic and stronger, where polished and tumbled stones are gentler and evenly emitted.

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Keeping this in mind, il move on to some of the different shaped ones.


Spheres are my favourite of all. I don’t know what it is about spheres, but I love them.

Most people who think crystal balls, think gypsies telling your future. Although you can use a good crystal ball to do this with experience, there is so much more to them than just that.

Best thing about spheres is there is no edges, there is no beginning and no end, they are limitless, which means the energy flowing is not restricted. If using spheres in your crystal grids they are best placed in the centre as they will emit the energy gently and evenly.

Crystal healing wise, you can roll these, massaging them into problem areas. Rhodonite can be great for this with people dealing with aches and pains, inflammation or skin problems gently rolling your sphere on these areas is said to take these issues away.

Using a Selenite or Satin Spar sphere can be beneficial in the middle of a bowl of tumbles as the energy is more evening transmitted keeping the stones around it cleansed and ready for use.

Great if you like to change up the crystals you carry on you from day to day.

Eggs are very similar except they have a more focal point at the top. They are connected to fertility and femininity. You may have suddenly gotten into collecting eggs and thinking I don’t want to get pregnant and I’m not hugely feminine. Fertility also symbolizes new beginnings not necessarily let’s make a baby haha.


Crystal points are also called generator points, this is because they focus their energy going directly out the tip of the point. This makes them excellent to use in crystal healing.

They are also commonly used in the centre of grids to focus the energy upwards and outwards towards the universe.

If you are someone who enjoys crystal grids, something you can try is putting one in the four main corners of the house, this can create a vortex of energy in the home, so make sure you choose which ones you use wisely. I would suggest Amethyst, Tourmaline, Smokey quartz and Rose Quartz. The combination of these four crystals brings a calming, loving and protected atmosphere for the home. You could also do this with Selenite to cleanse your home.

Points can be particularly good if you feel you have a blockage in your chakras. If you meditate with a point connected to that chakra it can help to shift it and get the energy flowing freely again.

The only real difference between pyramids and points is they are well rooted. They have the connection of the crown chakra at the tip and the root charka at its wide base. They are also said to assist in specific manifestation rituals.


Hearts are pretty self-explanatory; they symbolize love and connect to the heart chakra. Great to use in crystal grids connected to love. The energy emitted from crystal hearts are very gentle so if you are someone sensitive the crystal energy this can be a great shape to start with. They are also great for meditation because of its gentle energies, especially if working on blockages on the heart chakra.

Palm stones/worry stones:

Palmstones are the same as tumbled stones just bigger. The energies of these are very smooth and calming which makes them great tools for meditation. Especially the worry stones.

When palm stones are turned into worry stones these can be great to calm the mind. Rubbing these allow you to let go of the stresses of the day and quiet the mind so you are able to get into a deeper meditative state. For the same reasons they are also great from relieving stress and anxiety.

Palm stones and worry stones are also great for those fidgeters who need to be doing something with there hands. A bonus of fidgeting with them is you get to take in all those beautiful healing energies while getting the fidgeting out of your system!

These are also great to have if you struggle with sleep, especially if you get a Chevron Amethyst (A.K.A Dream Amethyst) the energies are nice and soft and can help you get to sleep and stay asleep more soundly.

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So with wands there are different kinds. There are rounded ended wands, naturally formed pointed wands and double terminated (DT) wands and all of these are used for different reasons so I’m just going to lightly touch on these for you.

Rounded off wands are commonly used with massage and reflexology to get into pressure points. You can either use these on yourself or treat someone else. You can also use these types to cleanse your aura especially with selenite just by slowly going over yourself with these visualising white cleansing light spiralling around you as well.

Traditionally people have always used wands in healing, this is because with the point it allows more control of the energy you are dealing with. They are more directed than if you were to use a raw crystal that is more sporadic.

Clear Quartz is favoured by a lot of healers as it is the master healer crystal. You can use it to intuitively scan the person and pick up on blockages they may be dealing with, then place a tumble related to the blockage they may have and use the wand to correct and realign it.

The wand used is the personal choice of the healer and you can use anything from natural to rounded to faceted. The healer will know which one is the best to use.

When it comes to DT these are great to use in crystal grids. Having a point at each side means that energy flows right through, in both directions. While the energy passes through it, it can also help change negative energy into positive, which makes them very powerful in rituals.



I thought id end this blog off with clusters as our last shape, naturally formed from our very own mother earth. Clusters emit a strong sporadic energy that can radiate through an entire room, due to all those points put together. Some, depending on size can even emit through a whole house.

Having an amethyst cluster in your main living room can be good for this very reason, you want to feel all those beautiful calming energies through the whole room, to make a warm welcoming space.

If you meditate with clusters or big geodes/caves these can help you rise your vibrational levels and reach a higher consciousness level than you otherwise would.

Lastly another great thing about clusters is they can charge your other crystals, especially clear quartz. If you place a crystal, you are using for healing or mediation on a clear quartz cluster before using them it will charge them to their full potential!


Thank you for taking the time to read this, let me know in the comments what you think and If this has helped inspire you in what you are using your crystals for!


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