by Lisa Ledgerwood on March 31, 2021

Hi Everyone,

I was driving to work today thinking about spiritual manifestation and why everyone is so interested in it??? I know your thinking isn’t it obverse! But seriously why now? I have been manifesting my whole life!  We all have! This is not a new thing that has just come about. You have been manifesting everyday of your lives. You just haven’t been aware of it!

I hear it every day, I did NOT manifest this situation!!  I did not manifest this person in my life, I did not ask to be broke all the time and work my back side of for minimum wage.  I didn’t manifest this workplace I’m in or the house I live in.

Yes, you did!  I know that this is hard to hear but you did.  It has taken me a long to get my head around this myself, so you are not alone.  Hands up how many times you have read or watched the secret or similar films.  I have many times.  I remember the first time I saw it!  And thought my god I have been doing this all along.  But didn’t know it. I Hadn’t tried to consciously do it but have done it over & over again.

What I know about manifestation is this.  You cannot manifest that which you are not ready for, no matter how much you want it!  Manifestation works on our emotional state.  Our emotions are the most powerful thing we have and the hardest to control.  When you are well and happy and balanced in your life you naturally attract what you want even before you know you want it.  It‘s not until it appears that you realise you even wanted it in the first place.

This is why everyone struggles with it, because it is all about you!  How you feel about yourself and your life.  Start loving you and thinking about how you are feeling.  Start making small steps to loving you.  Start letting the universe know that you matter as much as they know you do!  We are always thinking about the next thing to do or have, how about we start taking notice of how we are feeling and doing inside of us.  We talk all day to people, but we never listen to what we are saying.  We need to be far more self-aware so that we can start manifesting what we really want! Not how we are feeling in the moment and just repeating the same thing over and over. Then the universe knows what you are genuinely wanting to manifest for the highest good of you.

What is manifestation? Whether it be money, a car, a home, a new relationship.  Whatever it is, know that it starts with your emotions and if you’re not happy and downing yourself all the time or thinking that everyone else gets what they want, but you don’t, then you are manifest all of that as well.  Negative or positive you are manifesting your tomorrow every second of everyday. 

Think about that for a minute. Think about every thought you have put out to the universe today. Now think about how much was positive and how much was negative.

With this newfound knowledge I want you to make a promise to yourself. This promise is not to focus on the manifestation that you are wanting to create, rather to focus your energy on thinking more positively and being kinder to yourself. You are not always going to be positive; you are human and we are not meant to get everything right. But if you try to keep that promise to yourself, I will make the promise to you, that you will see changes in your life that you never thought you could.




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