Kinesiology by Lorraine

by Lisa Ledgerwood on April 15, 2021


I like to read other Kinesiologists blogs to see how they are going and also to get ideas about how I can tweak my public image and my business. I don’t particularly like writing blogs myself and when it was suggested that I do so. I could feel my Autonomic Nervous system ramping up- I could visualise my nervous system responding by releasing a flood of stress hormones, including adrenaline and cortisol, which rouse the body for emergency action. I could feel my heart pound faster, muscles tighten, blood pressure rising, breath quickening, and my senses become sharper. and I could hear "RUN!” (Drama Queen- Moi?)

These are things I am now aware of as a trained Functional Kinesiologist. So as a client when you come to see me I can balance the ANS and CNS nervous systems to maintain the body in homeostasis. Homeostasis lets you actively maintain fairly stable conditions for survival to enable you to cope better with stress.

I had a client who after a series of life events found themselves in a dark place. Every day was ground hog day. They could see no way to things improving. They hated their job, they had resentments galore, they had no social life and didn’t even want one. The world was “rubbish” and so were all the people in it. Thank God for Netflix! I asked what they expected from our sessions together and they admitted they didn’t really know. They just wanted things to change and “Can you fix my stomach ache too?”

So after a series of 3-6 sessions involving Endocrine, Digestion and Neurological procedures I could see the person changing. They stopped talking about how bad work was, how sore their stomach was, etc. They started talking about how they went out for dinner, how they were going away for the weekend. How they had joined a walking group and the gym. They had a life they were living and enjoying. They no longer let those previous life events rule them.

I love helping people live the life they were born to live. We can also help ourselves by eating nutritious foods, drinking clean water and exercise.

Sometimes we just need a helping hand.


Love and Light





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