by Lisa Ledgerwood on April 12, 2021

What is Energy? How is it used? Simply put, it is the life force of everything.  It has more power than a nuclear bomb and runs through all of you, every cell, muscle, and bone all nicely contained in a lovely skin suit. Yes, as graphic of a picture you just got, that is essentially what you are pure energy contained within flesh and bone to learn and evolve.Energy ball

“Why are we here?” “What is the purpose of all of this?” I hear you say, there are many reasons but to keep it in simple words, it is to expand our consciousness. Life is all about lessons, you may have heard the saying ‘there is always two sides to the story’ well you are here to learn both sides of the stories. Each life you live brings new lessons and new sides. You may have lived a life where you are a pop star with all the money and fame you can imagine, and then in another life you live on the street with no help at all struggling to survive, you are here to learn and evolve, to come to a point where human form is no longer necessary.  At least this is my understanding so far of it.  Yours may differ and that’s ok too. 

Learn to see other people’s points of view, even just to stop and think about what it is about that situation or person that sings to your soul.

Feel the energy

My blog today is about this very thing.  Stop and think.  Not about the problems you’re having or where you need to be, but just to stop and think for a moment. 

What are we doing in this life? 

Are you happy? 

Remembering that like all things emotions come and go.  But when you become more aware of yourself and are still for 5 mins checking in with yourself, what do you feel? happiness? Love? Self-appreciation? Grateful?  A feeling of just appreciating you in all its glory no matter what?  How are your emotions feeling today?  Are you feeling upset or sad about something?  This too is ok.  you are human, you are meant to feel.  That is what keeps your journey so interesting.

What you are feeling sets you up in so many ways and the more aware of them you are the more content you will feel. Being aware of yourself is so important to setting the tone for the rest of your day.

Law of Attraction

Being ok to release the emotions in a healthy way helps us to maintain great mental balance, while understanding that we aren’t meant to be in control of every detail of our lives, it is a wonderful feeling of freedom. 

All of this is energy.  Its is you releasing energy.  The more emotion you put to it the more energy you are releasing, negative or positive it is all energy.  And the more you understand that, the easier things get, the happier you are, the more joy comes which helps you maintain those ‘feel good’ feeling. 

The more you appreciate yourself the more you want to look after yourself.  The kinder loving self-talk you give to yourself the more impowered you feel. All this energy attracts likeminded people to empower you more and more.


So, what is the message of all this?  What you think about is all energy that comes from you.  So, what you think about you bring about.  So, make sure while you are thinking about anything that you make sure you are checking in with how you are feeling and being kind to yourself when you are doing it.  You deserve to have the absolute best that life has to offer so time to make sure your energy is mirroring what that looks like!


- Lisa


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