All you need to know about Amethyst

by Ashley Ledgerwood on July 06, 2021

Amethyst is one of the most common crystals around. Very rarely will you find someone who does not have a piece of Amethyst in their collection. It is a great stone for those starting out collecting crystals as its so easy to find, and it is an all-round good stone for you to use. In this blog I’m going to explain a bit about it and why most people have used this crystal in almost everything from meditation, to healing, to bringing peace to the home.

So lets start with what is Amethyst and where is it found:

Amethyst is the purple form of Quartz, which you can find pretty much anywhere in the world. However the bigger mines can be found in South and North America and Africa with Brazil being one of the largest global producers.  

You may have heard of other coloured Amethysts such as black Amethyst; this is just Amethyst with hematite inclusions and a higher iron content.

Green Amethyst is not true Amethyst at all, it is in fact Green Quartz that is marketed as Amethyst.

Pink Amethyst is also created from hematite inclusions and was only discovered in 2019 and can only be found in Patagonia in Argentina.

What qualities does amethyst have and what does amethyst protect you from?

Amethyst is said to be a meditative and calming stone protecting you from negative atmospheres. Working with the emotional, spiritual, and physical planes to promote calm, balance, and peace. It is also used to eliminate impatience. It is also believed that this crystal is wonderful to use if you frequently find yourself in situations where you are unsure how to take action because of your emotions.

Where should I keep my amethyst stone?

Due to Amethysts versatility, there are a few places you can keep your amethyst. Remembering that everyone reacts to crystal vibrations different, and you may find that some of these help but others do not and that’s completely fine.

  • In your living room and or study, helps bring a peaceful environment aswell as keeping electromagnetic frequencies at bay from all the technology around these areas.
  • Keeping a tumble in the car can promote safe travels.
  • Keeping one on you in person helps keep your aura free of negativity, and assists you in stressful situations
  • In your bedroom on your nightstand can help give you a more peaceful sleep maybe not as big as this picture, but I thought it was rather impressive haha 

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How do you cleanse and activate amethyst crystals?

To cleanse and charge I always recommend putting it out in the full moon. The power of the moon is always the best way to cleanse and charge most of your crystals. But if its needing to be done and you don’t have the full moon, you can always take it down to the beach and run the sea water over it or bury it for up to 48 hours in the earth. Mother nature created our beautiful stones, and its powerful energy can restore the crystals back to the way they should be without all the energy we put into them. Sage is also a great way to cleanse your crystals. Remember your intention is most important when cleansing with Sage. You don’t want to be thinking about negative things that happened over the day and putting those thoughts into your crystals while trying to cleanse them

The one thing to avoid doing with your Amethyst crystal is charging it in the sun, as the heat of the sun will change the colouring of your stone.


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