A little bit about me and my experiences in helping others with anxiety and depression

by Ashley Ledgerwood on October 13, 2020

Crystals can do amazing things and I have seen them do wonderful things for many different types of people. But what I believe to be true with crystals is it all comes down to your belief. If you think about some of the most successful people out there, most if not all have a strong belief or drive in what they are doing, which has led them to the success they have today. Some have strong faith in God, some in Guides and Spirituality, some in themselves and loved ones, but each and every single one of them had some kind of belief that has helped them to get to where they are today.

That same belief is what gives crystals their true power. If you believe 100% that this crystal is going to make you feel better and improve your life, then that is exactly what that crystal is going to do. Crystals hold natural energy from the earth for sure, which is why you can walk into a crystal shop and feel completely relaxed and at home (if they have set the energy right) even if you are completely against them. It’s the same feeling you get when you go for a walk out in the bush listening to the birds, feeling the wind in your hair, hearing the dirt crunch under your shoes, you can’t help but feel peace and tranquillity. There is energy in everything good and bad, negative or positive, but nature’s energy is so pure all it wants to do is help you and crystals are exactly the same.

This is why when someone comes into the shop, feeling a little lost, struggling to find direction, maybe fed up with the medical system and just wanting to give something, anything a go, I will try my best to find the perfect stone for them. And 9 times out of 10 I see them come back, and they are a completely different person to the first person I first met. This is why my mother and I started this business in the first place. To help people like this, that are at their wits end and need some different kind of help, whether it be from healing, spiritual guidance or just to come in and take in the energies of the crystals and walk out feeling a million times lighter than you did when you first walked through the door.

I have a lot of people come into the shop looking for stones to help them with their anxiety, depression, or to help calm them or their loved ones.

It is a sad reality that in some point in time every single one of us has either suffered from anxiety, depression, sadness, or stress. Some of us it only affects mildly, and you can go have some “you time” maybe hang out with someone you care about and come right fairly quickly, others it takes a little bit more help.

I have seen some truly beautiful and amazingly talented people come into my store needing my help to find the right crystal to help them, some have been on prescribed medication for years, some have been told that it might help, some haven’t had the courage to ask for medical help, but everyone of them are looking for something more than they have been able to find on their own. By no means am I a medical professional, and by no means do I believe that you should ever ignore medical advice, in fact I believe you should ALWAYS get professional advice, but there is also no harm in giving natural alternatives a go as well as using the advice of doctors.

My “go to” crystals for anxiety and bringing a “calmness” to the household have always been howlite and lepidolite. Why? Honestly I don’t know. You will probably hear me say that a lot over my blogs, haha. But there is a calming energy in both Howlite and Lepidolite that you feel the minute you hold it. If you sit and meditate with these crystals and really take the time to feel these energies, I believe it may help you to feel a calmness you haven’t been able to find. I have seen children with ADHD, Autism and just usually very excitable children come into my store and grab these crystals and calm right down. Its been incredible to watch really. I have had mothers tell me they have never seen their child so calm before. I suppose that is why they are my number one “go to” for anxiety.

Depression on the other hand can be a little bit more personal. So usually I will get talking with someone and try to get a feel for what has caused the depression in the first place. Is it through the loss of a loved one? Is it because of a unexpected change in circumstances you weren’t expecting and has thrown you off track a bit, every situation can change what the best crystal to use is.

An all round good crystal to use for most situations though is Amethyst. Most people even if they don’t really know crystals knows about Amethyst, its definitely one of the most famous ones out there, and for good reason. It has a number of healing properties that it is known for such as assisting you in concentration, supporting you in sobriety, and thinking clearly in uncertain situation and understanding what it is you are actually facing and trying to deal with. It is known for many other healing properties, but these are some of which make it a great one to use in all round depression. Removing the negativity from your life replacing it with more positive energies by changing your mindset and allowing you to think in clearer and more direct way unclouded by the emotions surrounding the problem.

Another one to consider when you are dealing with depression is Rose Quartz, Why? Because when you are dealing with depression, 9 times out of 10 you struggle with seeing your own self-worth.

One of the things that Rose Quartz is most known for is the stone of “true love” the misconception with this stone though is thinking it means you want true love with someone else. This is not always the case. Instead it is believed to help you in loving yourself. And when you are dealing with depression this is really important.

Sometimes we need a little help to remind us just how beautiful and special we truly are. I will admit this is something that I myself have struggled with. I’m terrible for looking in the mirror and putting myself down, whether it be for what I am wearing, my weight or even how my hair looks today, but with the help of Rose Quartz loving energy, you may be able to help turn those negative thoughts about yourself into more loving ones. Of course, there are other aspects that come in to overcoming these things, but Rose Quartz is there to support you in your journey to a happier self.

One last one I would like to talk about is Bloodstone. This can be such a powerful crystal and I have a lot of people come into my store looking for this stone. It is known as a “Grief Stone” which grief can be a huge part of depression. When someone is dealing with the loss of a family member or loved one, this is my go to. Nothing can take away the pain of loosing someone you love, or make you forget about that person, only time can make this really heal, but Bloodstones job is to make the process that little bit easier. It is believed to absorb some of the pain and help not feel overwhelmed by what has happened so you are still able to function in your every day life.

I hope that some of what I have written here has managed to help you in some way and if you are wanting me to write about a particular subject at all let me know. I am still learning every day and as I said I am no medical professional, but if I can help one person in what I have written here today then that is what is important to me, and I would love to know 😊




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